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It is a complement to my web site A diary, showing sketches, drawings and thoughts generated by the working process.


today´s work Posted on Tue, January 02, 2018 10:02:13

Words. Do you have to use them?
When it comes to my kind of drawings, I think words, comments, usually distract. I´m no longer present in the drawing.
So, from here on, I will not comment the drawing as I do here.

Last day of the year 2017

today´s work Posted on Sun, December 31, 2017 21:28:16

Strange. But still great fun drawing it!

bubbling with joy

today´s work Posted on Sun, December 31, 2017 16:42:07

That was yesterday.. November 29:th


today´s work Posted on Tue, July 26, 2016 21:00:31

Färjestaden Contour Site Model has occupied me, my thoughts and my cellar (where it was made) for some months now. Yesterday the model was delivered to Mörbylånga municipality center.


today´s work Posted on Tue, November 03, 2015 16:30:32

What would you think if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out of me

today´s work Posted on Sun, October 18, 2015 20:26:07

The Beatles: With a Little Help from My Friends. 1967. I was 16 years old and understood, litterally, what it meant. Now, I think I know what it means.

Today’s concept (no, yesterday’s) is lycka. That is a swedish word. It sounds better than the english one.

Just testing.

walking on thin ice

today´s work Posted on Fri, October 16, 2015 20:30:16

With my mind set on kindness. I’m drawing without trying to be skilled or even directing my pencil. No analyze. No nothing.


Just checking..


today´s work Posted on Sun, April 19, 2015 19:08:12

From tomorrow (April 20:th) and three weeks on, I will hold workshops in limestone stone cutting at Öland Folk High School.

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